Athletic Fields

We are involved in the production and distribution of top quality materials; root zone mixes, topdressing products and drainage media for the athletic field industry. This includes football fields, soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, for private, municipal, high school, college and professional athletes.

We continue to provided root zone mixes and topdressing products for Michigan State University’s Spartan Stadium, football practice fields, soccer and intramural fields, as well as materials for athletic field research at the MSU Hancock Turfgrass Research Center.

Athletic Field Renovation

Not every problem field needs to be torn up and completely replaced. There are many solutions from which to choose. However, choosing the wrong solution, materials or contractor may cause costly renovation or replacement. Contact us for a free consultation if you are considering renovating your football or soccer field.

We endorse and promote Michigan State University’s very successful and economical Sand Cap Build Up System for renovating high school athletic fields. Contact us for more information about this system or you can download a PDF document from Michigan State University’s website.

Athletic Fields Products Include:

  • Prescription Root Zone blends to meet your specification
  • Topdressings Sands and prescribed blends that aid in drainage, surface resiliency, thatch control and smoothing the playing surface
  • Drainage media

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