For over 20 years, JW Surge, Inc. has been a leader in the production and delivery of the highest quality turf construction and management sands and soil blends.  We continue to stay involved with MSU and supply most of the turf construction and management products to the MSU Hancock Turfgrass Research Center.

Jim Surge

After being involved in supplying industrial sands to the foundry and oil industries for 20 years, Jim started looking into the possibility of supplying sand to the golf course industry.  Although the guidelines were set by the USGA greens committee for sand quality, he found that the golf course industry in Michigan was settling for inferior products because there was no supplier of quality products that met the requirements of the industry.

Working with the soil scientists and turfgrass researchers at Michigan State University, and a top of the line distributor of turf products, Jim developed the line of quality products that the golf course industry, and later the entire turf industry, including athletic fields, so desperately needed.

Bob Borgman

Bob Borgman has been involved with JW Surge, Inc. for over 15 years and is heavily involved in customer contact and coordinating product delivery to our customer’s satisfaction.  He has 23 years of sales and account management experience in the sand and soil industry.

Kathy Antaya

For over 30 years, Kathy Antaya has enjoyed a successful and diverse career in the Turf Industry, including maintenance, construction education and environmental stewardship. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Michigan State University.

During 18 years as a golf course manager at six different golf courses, Antaya was deeply involved in two full-scale construction projects and added to her knowledge base of agronomic practices.

For two seasons she traveled throughout the Northeast USA and Canada as a USGA Regional Agronomist, advising over 100 clients. While with the USGA she enjoyed a period of time consulting with a New Jersey school district which piqued her interest in athletic field management.

Antaya has also spent the last several years providing environmental stewardship assistance and agronomic services to Michigan’s Green Industry businesses. Recognizing the ever changing nature of our business, she is committed to lifelong professional development.

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